Vegan Care

Vegan facial care - our informative guide

With the possibility of vegan care or the chance to buy vegan care products, we take into account your conscious decision to renounce all animal products in everyday life. It is not just about the ingredients, but also ways of production and a natural, sustainable and often more effective and gentler variant of care. Our 21 Trans-Dermal range includes a variety of products that are characterized by a very high compatibility. With our 20 products, you are perfectly prepared for the daily care and special treatments for your facial skin and the skin of other body regions. Below you will find all the relevant information on the content, selection and application of vegan skin care products.

What characterises vegan care?

Vegan care for face and body

The articles offered by us are not only prescribed for animal welfare, but often also much more sustainable than comparative articles and particularly compatible due to the ingredients. So the items are matched exactly to the body area that you want to maintain vegan. The face gets natural moisture and freshness, which is reflected in an anti-aging effect and your body is protected by plant butter and vitamins and made fit for everyday life.

Vegan Care - The ingredients used

Acai oil as an innovative substance

The acai berry oil is particularly rich in the high-quality omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids and contains valuable vitamins as a carrier oil, as well as supporting minerals such as sodium, calcium and phytosterols. It is well suited for all skin types, but it is especially helpful for aging or damaged skin. Cracked and dry skin, even problem areas such as squats, shins, elbows and elbows can thus provide ideal moisture. In the case of skin damage caused by toxins or eczema and psoriasis, it helps tremendously with healing, leaves the skin areas to calm down and quickly reveals clearly visible changes. In the neck and face area, it acts as an excellent anti-ageing product.

ACAI – “super food” for the skin The constant flux of our environment considerably impacts the requirements both of our facial skin and the skin covering our entire body. Once again, we have a simple, yet convincing answer for you: 21 Trans-Dermal® body care products are Next Generation Cosmetics soothing care based on ONE all-round pampering ingredient ACAI. People are increasingly speaking of the positive effects of the “super foods” throughout the body one of these super fruits is the acai berry.
The oil of the acai berry is rich in essential fatty acids such as omega 6 and 9, minerals and vitamins and also has some very interesting aspects for the care of our skin. For example, it protects the skin effectively against moisture loss. As an anti-oxidant, it neutralises free radicals, protects the skin from the effects of oxidative stress and therefore strengthens the natural protective functions. The skin is soothingly pampered and revitalised. Silky Suppleness,elasticity and resilience ensure a radiant appearance.

Shea butter for buttery skin

The now increasingly well-known shea butter is obtained from the Karité tree in Central Africa. Their high durability in their natural state benefits cosmetic products as well as the valuable ingredients. These include oleic acid, beta-carotene, vitamin E, allantoin and a particularly high proportion of unsaponifiable triterpenes. The natural oil in the shea butter and the vitamins protect and regenerate the skin in case of sunburn, dryness and cracking. In addition, it can be used as supportive scars (healing), wound healing and eczema, as well as eczema and even joint pain to treat rheumatism. Dry hair and split ends are a thing of the past after a shea butter treatment - it also helps with dandruff. In addition, the product supports the skin against aging and prevents massive sweating.

Shea butter or shea butter is a true “treasure of nature”:

From the fruits of the karité tree, it has been treasured by the inhabitants of the southern Sahel for centuries for its many nourishing and even healing properties. Whether as effective protection of the skin from the hot desert winds, the care of scar tissue or even to care for the hair – in Africa, one swears by the calming and nourishing effect of shea butter.

The harvest of green fruits takes place between April and June. They contain tasty, sweet flesh and a hard core – the so-called sheaf nut. Once the karité fruit has been peeled, the nut is ground in a mortar and the brown mass is poured with hot water. Subsequently, the mixture is kneaded until fat and water separate. Since the sheathing fat floats up, it can be easily skimmed off. After cooling, the versatile, slightly yellowish shea butter has been created. Their white color is available only after refining.

Natural Shea butter: effect for skin and hair: 

Meanwhile, the positive effect of Shea butter is also known in Europe. No wonder, because of the changing environmental influences, our skin is heavily stressed in everyday life. She is now reacting much faster, more frequently and more intensively with redness, very dry or even scaly conditions. Often the skin looks tired, tired and older than it actually is. But our hair does not often suffer from dryness and split ends.

This is where the numerous ingredients of Shea butter come in. Due to its high content of oleic and linoleic acid, vitamin E and allantoin, it has a particularly beneficial, protective, cell-regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect. Especially in wound healing and for the treatment of rashes and skin diseases, the Shea butter unfolds its effect. As a nourishing hair treatment, it moisturizes and prevents hair breakage.

The effect of shea butter in cosmetics: 

This positive effect of shea butter opens up a broad field of application for cosmetic products. Especially very dry, prone to redness skin is well supplied, tender and supple. Even a skin prone to eczema can be calmed and strengthened in its resistance. Scar tissue appears softer. Skin aging is also delayed, lines and wrinkles are alleviated. In addition, shea butter is suitable for all ages and skin types and ideal for soothing massages

ReNew 21: The revolutionary peptide of plant origin

Peptides of various kinds are obtained from plants and consist of various amino acids, which are increasingly used medically for. B. be used in the breeding of skin tissue for burn victims. These peptides support the transmission of various biological signals in the cells and thus promote the regeneration of the skin. Especially in our facial care products, this fascinating active ingredient is used and actively combats wrinkles, aging processes and dehydration. It acts as a real freshness booster, is produced very gently and is free of additives and allergens.

What is ReNew 21?
  • ReNew 21 is THE innovative active ingredient for the facial care line of 21 Trans-Dermal®.
  • ReNew 21 is a revolutionary peptide of plant origin from medical research. Originally designed for use in burn surgery (growth of skin tissue) * 1, it has found its way from science into the spheres of cosmetics.
  • ReNew 21 allows much better transmission of biological signals to cells and promotes the production of a starched * 2 extracellular network (= strengthened epidermis / epidermal tissue structure) * 3.
  • Based on the collagens I, III, IV, VIII and the elastin synthesis, sensational results in the areas of wrinkle reduction, tissue regeneration and compaction as well as skin tightening can be demonstrated.
  • ReNew 21 is used in all facial care products from 21 Trans-Dermal® (Exceptions: Regular Cleaner 21, Regular Refiner 21 and Glorious Lashes 21). In our star product Booster Effect Serum 21 ReNew 21 was even twice as concentrated as in the other care products. Convince yourself of the outstanding effect!
  • ReNew 21 is produced in a highly complex biotechnological process. It is therefore free of allergens and thus contributes to the conservation of our natural resources.

How do I recognise vegan face creams?

Face creams without animal ingredients

The origins of all our toiletries in botany and are based on various plant products that are obtained in different ways and finally processed and applied. Our quality facial care you realise not only at the vegan flower, but also the Vegan Society Logo as it is used in the UK. The color design of the logos usually moves between different shades of green and yellow. Only then can you really be sure that animal ingredients are excluded.

How can animal ingredients be replaced?

In nature, new plants or new ingredients and their healing or nourishing effects are constantly being discovered. A recourse to animal products is therefore not necessary at all and there are easily appealing and even better alternatives. These include, for example, canauba and candelilla wax instead of beeswax. Nourishing oils for body and hair are extracted from coconut, avocado, jojoba and, of course, aloe vera, and are applied and processed in a variety of ways. The natural resources are environmentally friendly and grow very quickly.

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