21 Trans-Dermal

At 21 Trans-Dermal, we do not use critical substances. Our products exclusively contain medically tested ingredients that are ecologically sustainable. 21 Trans-Dermal offers products that are perfectly adjusted for your face & body, containing all important nutrients and vitamins your skin needs. Our innovative products are tested by dermatologists and range from effective serums to regenerative night creams, rich daytime products and a luxurious body care range.

“Protect the youthfulness of your skin and dazzle those around you with your fresh and radiant aura.”

NEXT GENERATION COSMETICS: Products of 21 Trans-Dermal are Next Generation Cosmetics, Innovative Care based on ONE targeted active peptide. ReNew 21 Is a revolutionary peptide with herbal origin from medical research. Primarily it was used to grow dermal tissue. Now it found its way to cosmetical domains. Similar are the effects of the revolutionary ingredient with the wound healing of young skin.

What is ReNew 21?

  • ReNew 21 is THE innovative active ingredient for the facial care line of 21 Trans-Dermal®.
  • ReNew 21 is a revolutionary peptide of plant origin from medical research. Originally designed for use in burn surgery (growth of skin tissue) * 1, it has found its way from science into the spheres of cosmetics.
  • ReNew 21 allows much better transmission of biological signals to cells and promotes the production of a starched * 2 extracellular network (= strengthened epidermis / epidermal tissue structure) * 3.
  • Based on the collagens I, III, IV, VIII and the elastin synthesis, sensational results in the areas of wrinkle reduction, tissue regeneration and compaction as well as skin tightening can be demonstrated.
  • ReNew 21 is used in all facial care products from 21 Trans-Dermal® (Exceptions: Regular Cleaner 21, Regular Refiner 21 and Glorious Lashes 21). In our star product Booster Effect Serum 21 ReNew 21 was even twice as concentrated as in the other care products. Convince yourself of the outstanding effect!
  • ReNew 21 is produced in a highly complex biotechnological process. It is therefore free of allergens and thus contributes to the conservation of our natural resources.
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