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Legs and feet do heavy work. They are in constant use every day. That’s why leg and foot care is not just an aesthetic concern. Especially in the cold season, the skin needs an extra dose of care to defy the temperature drops and the often dry heating air. Lack of exercise, too little fluid intake and too tight clothing also do not contribute to the well-being of your legs and feet. Both thick socks, sturdy shoes, high heels, boots, ballerinas as well as disco nights, cause the legs and feet to  become heavy and swell. Legs and feet properly maintained not only lead to a symptom-free functioning but also give an attractive appearance. For the daily routine of beautiful legs,BODY REFRESHER 21 and moisturising with BODY POLISHER 21 1-2 times a week . For daily support the special creams BODY SMOOTHER 21 and FOOT SMOOTHER 21 , which make the skin soft and supple.