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What is it – what can it do?

Acai ”Super food” for the skin, the constant flux of our environment considerably impacts the requirements both of our facial skin and the skin covering our entire body. Once again, we have a simple, yet convincing answer for you: 21 Trans-Dermal body care products are Next Generation Cosmetics soothing care based on ONE all-round pampering ingredient ACAI. People are increasingly speaking of the positive effects of the ”super foods” throughout the body one of these super fruits is the Acai berry.

The oil of the Acai berry is rich in essential fatty acids such as omega 6 and 9, minerals and vitamins and also has some interesting aspects for the care of our skin. For example, it protects the skin effectively against moisture loss, As an anti-oxidant, it neutralises free radicals, protects the skin from the effects of oxidative stress and therefore strengthens the natural protective functions. The skin is soothingly pampered and revitalised. Silky Suppleness, elasticity and resilience ensure a radiant appearance.

Unlike UVA/UVB radiation, which harms the cellular structure of the dermis and epidermis, infrared rays penetrate the deeper layers of the skin (hypodermis), where they stimulate the production of aggressive “free radicals”  regardless of your skin type. These free radicals damage collagen structures and accelerate skin ageing. In addition, infrared radiation causes thermal reactions in the skin cells, which also disrupt the cell functions. In order to counteract these processes proactively, 21 Trans-Dermal® works with Thermus Thermophilus Ferment for effective infrared protection in its Velvet Hand Mousse 21, Neck & Chest Lift 21 and Body Smoother 21. This ferment can neutralise the “free radicals” and harmful thermal reactions caused by infrared radiation, thus preventing cell damage.


Applying body lotion is a pleasant daily ritual that sweetens the start or end of a long day. But body care benefits more than just the soul: your skin also needs the additional moisture to regenerate its cells. In addition, regular and intensive body care prevents premature skin ageing. Active ingredients such as Shea butter and Açaí berry extracts nurse the skin, leaving it with a fresh and youthful appearance. The 21 Trans-Dermal products are made on the basis of an innovative concept with sustainable ingredients from medical research that nurture and repairs your skin. Your benefit: smooth, supple and healthy skin on every part of your body.

A body care range that fulfills the needs of your skin perfectly

Much like with your face and eye care products, your first question should be: what is my skin type? We have specifically designed skin care products for any type – dry, sensitive, impure – that target and balance any epidermis hyperactivity or under activity. The seasons also play a major role in the choice of the right product. Icy winter air can dry out your skin, while impurities are frequently caused by sweat in the summer. The perfect skin care products help you build the foundation for healthy skin. Natural active ingredients stimulate the exchange of moisture and leave your skin looking fresh and rosy. The 21 Trans-Dermal skin care formulas have been created on the basis of the latest dermatological research breakthroughs and tested by dermatologists. You can rest assured that no allergies or unwelcome reactions will occur – take advantage of the perfect skin compatibility of our “Made in Germany” skin care range.

Natural body care, held to the standards of scientific research

When it comes to the feel-good factor of skin care products, ingredients are just one aspect. An inspiring and stimulating fragrance is just as important. The rich skin care range by 21 Trans-Dermal has the pleasant scent of Shea butter and Açaí berries. Unlike conventional products, our range is free from unnecessary preservatives and other questionable substances. We guarantee the best possible skincare results by producing all of our goods in our own facilities. We further offer innovative alternative treatment concepts that work with a new generation of micro proteins. Used regularly, even just one of our products has extremely positive effects: you will notice visible improvements after only four weeks. Used in combination, our body care products create synergies that increase their effects exponentially.

Climatic influences and stress factors: find the right body care products now

Our increasingly extreme global climate has an effect on our skin: not just heat and cold, but also particulate matter, smog and a higher and higher pollen count put a considerable strain on the resilience and elasticity of our skin. To help you meet the challenges of our modern age confidently, we offer you an exclusive and effective skin care range that has been tested by dermatologists. Meet and fulfill the extreme requirements faced by your skin with ease.

Order your new miracle cure for tired, dull looking skin from 21 Trans-Dermal now

The 21 Trans-Dermal products are designed for extreme requirements, but they provide the right skin care to any user. Thanks to our sophisticated high-tech cosmetics concept, our products restore a youthful radiance to your skin. Our online shop allows you to order our perfectly coordinated body care range from the comfort of your own home. Simply select your skin type, desired type of skin care, your climate zone and the predominant temperature to strengthen your most important protective shield – the mirror of the soul. Your skin.

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