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ACAI Oil is the innovative active ingredient for the body care line of 21 Trans-Dermal®

ACAI – “super food” for the skin

21 Trans-Dermal® body care products are Next Generation Cosmetics. Soothing care based on the  ONE  all-round pampering ingredient ACAI. The oil of the Acai berry is rich in essential fatty acids such as omega 6 and 9, minerals and vitamins and also has some very interesting aspects for the care of our skin. It protects the skin effectively against moisture loss. As an anti-oxidant, it neutralises free radicals, protects the skin from the effects of oxidative stress and therefore strengthens the natural protective functions. The skin is soothingly pampered and revitalised. Silky suppleness, elasticity and resilience ensure a radiant appearance.

Acai berry is one of the most nutritious berries you will ever find. Indigenous to the Amazonian rain forests, the Acai berry has been used for centuries as an immune boosting, energising and healing fruit. Related to the cranberry and blueberry, research shows that this small fruit is able to support preventing diseases associated with oxidative damage, as well as offering many a health benefits.

Why is it good for you? 

1. Promotes Heart Health:  Like red wine, Acai berries are extremely high in anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant that supports balanced cholesterol levels.They are also rich in plant sterols that provide cardio protective benefits, including supporting circulation, improving overall blood composition, and relaxing the blood vessels.

2. Stops Bad Cell Proliferation: Acai berries are powerhouses against bad cell growth. Multiple studies have found that the anthocyanins and polyphenols found in Acai berries have strong antiproliferative properties, which means they stop bad cells from growing out of control.

3. Aids Weight Loss: Acai may help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

4. Promotes Skin Health: Natural skin care products made with Acai oil are a great natural alternative to chemical-based skin care products. Currently, many beauty products contain Acai oil because of the oil’s high antioxidant content. Its skin care benefits aren’t limited to an external application. When eaten, the berries provide nutrition that can give your skin a healthy glow. In fact, Brazilians have been eating Acai berries for centuries to promote skin health

5. Helps Digestion: Acai may aid in keeping the digestive system clean and functioning normally. These berries have powerful detoxification capacities, and flour made from the seeds is a good source of dietary fiber.

6. Has Anti-Aging Effects: Extremely high in many forms of phytochemicals, Acai berries may slow or reverse aging processes as they relate to oxidative damage.In fact, the berries are one of the best sources of antioxidants; Acai berries have ten times as many antioxidants as grapes and twice as many as blueberries.