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Treasure of the African nature: SHEA BUTTER and its effect!


Shea butter or shea butter is a true “treasure of nature”.

From the fruits of the karité tree, it has been treasured by the inhabitants of the southern Sahel for centuries for its many nourishing and even healing properties. Whether as effective protection of the skin from the hot desert winds, the care of scar tissue or even to care for the hair – in Africa, one swears by the calming and nourishing effect of shea butter.

The harvest of green fruits takes place between April and June. They contain tasty, sweet flesh and a hard core – the so-called sheaf nut. Once the karité fruit has been peeled, the nut is ground in a mortar and the brown mass is poured with hot water. Subsequently, the mixture is kneaded until fat and water separate. Since the sheathing fat floats up, it can be easily skimmed off. After cooling, the versatile, slightly yellowish shea butter has been created. Their white color is available only after refining.

Natural shea butter: effect for skin and hair

Meanwhile, the positive effect of shea butter is also known in Europe. No wonder, because of the changing environmental influences, our skin is heavily stressed in everyday life. She is now reacting much faster, more frequently and more intensively with redness, very dry or even scaly conditions. Often the skin looks tired, tired and older than it actually is. But our hair does not often suffer from dryness and split ends.

This is where the numerous ingredients of shea butter come in. Due to its high content of oleic and linoleic acid, vitamin E and allantoin, it has a particularly beneficial, protective, cell-regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect. Especially in wound healing and for the treatment of rashes and skin diseases, the shea butter unfolds its effect. As a nourishing hair treatment, it moisturizes and prevents hair breakage.

The effect of shea butter in cosmetics

This positive effect of Shea butter opens up a broad field of application for cosmetic products. Especially very dry, prone to redness skin is well supplied, tender and supple. Even a skin prone to eczema can be calmed and strengthened in its resistance. Scar tissue appears softer. Skin aging is also delayed, lines and wrinkles are alleviated. In addition, Shea butter is suitable for all ages and skin types and ideal for soothing massages.